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Imagine what would happen if your favorite anime girl types were real people.

What if you dated them?

What if they grew up?

Seiji was a heartbreaker in school, but a good dose of reality has dumped him back to the city he grew up in without much to his name. Stuck in the smallest apartment he can find and working a dead-end job at the local grocery store, Seiji doesn't have a lot of expectations for himself anymore, but a girlfriend would be nice, right?

Meet Kazue, Akane, Hotaru, and Sayuri. Four women with drastically and eccentrically different personalities. And all of them have one thing in common: they're Seiji's ex girlfriends. It's been almost ten years since they last saw each other, but they happen to be at the same festival. Maybe there's something to be rekindled with one of them? Seiji has grown up, but has he learned enough to avoid the pitfalls of his past?

Otona-dere is both a tongue in cheek nod to and critique of the high school anime girl stereotypes and the western idolization of these tropes. While reuniting with the women he's spurned, Seiji is confronted with the consequences of idealizing them, and how it's affected them ever since.

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